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Maths Teacher Shortage!

I’m enjoying my summer hols. Today, I went for my daily swim at my local open air lido, swam my kilometer (pauses to polish halo), came home, made my lunch and settled down outside to eat it. Turning on the radio and tucking in to my first sandwich as the sun beat down on me, […]

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Log Tables

Remember these? Whilst having a summer holiday clear out and rummaging through an old cupboard, I came across these “Log Tables” as we used to call them when I was at school ( a long, long time ago!) But they had so much more than just logs, they had sine, cosine and tangent tables too: […]

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Fractions – how low can you go? Just like these limbo -ing Lego figures, I like to imagine fractions seeing how low they can go. Whenever they can, fractions should be simplified, cancelled down, put in their lowest terms … basically, make the top and bottom numbers the smallest they can be. Remember the mantra: […]

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