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Wales replaced by football pitches

“About the area of Wales …”  Wales has often been used as an informal measurement of area, but in the Royal Statistical Society Statistic of the decade, they have forsaken Wales as an area of measurement, replacing it with (the much smaller) football pitch. The estimated accumulated deforestation of the Amazon rainforest, over the past […]

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Stats of the Year 2019

Regular readers will know that I like my stats. I like them because they, sometimes, confirm what we suspect or, because, sometimes, they tell us things we didn’t know. And I particularly like them not because they answer a question, but they typically prompt another question – why? Today is an important day. Today is […]

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Searching for the Solskjaer bounce

I’ve spent much of the last week helping students with “Hypothesis Testing” as they prepare for their A level exams in the next few months. Fed up of wading through connived examples, and upon stumbling across perhaps the best headline I’ve read in sometime (“Man United regress to the mean after Solskjaer bounce“) I thought […]

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Six Nations Stats

Back in the summer, we were all struck with World Cup fever and, in this post, I shared some stats and charts looking at the heights of players in the tournament. In a few days time the Six Nations rugby tournament kicks off for another year, so I thought it appropriate to have a look […]

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The Ten Year Challenge

The “10 Year Challenge” is the current rage on social media, whereby you are encouraged to post a picture of yourself from 10 years ago, alongside one from now, to see how you’ve aged. I thought it would be interesting to see how the last ten years have been for the nation’s football teams. I […]

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