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Fun, but infuriating!

This is great fun! A really simple idea, well executed, this online game asks you a simple maths question and offers two possible solutions.  All you have to do is click on the right answer to get the next question and start progressing up the levels.  Get a question wrong, and its game over. But, […]

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Estimate the angle Part II

A lot of you have been using and playing my Estimate the Angle Game where you are shown an angle and you have to estimate its size to the nearest degree. Well, here’s a real world version for you. This morning as I was getting into my car to head to school another vehicle came […]

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In this world of spreadsheets, smart phones, apps and calculators, you may ask does anyone ever need to estimate an answer when, with a few clicks, they can have the exact answer? But the ability to estimate is as important as ever: mental arithmetic hasn’t gone away and the ability to get a ‘ball park […]

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Estimate the Percentage Game

Estimate the percentage – a fun game, perfect for the interactive whiteboard. Suggested Rules Estimate the percentage of the circle that is coloured green. Write down your guess. Click the red “Answer” button to see the actual amount that is shaded in. Your score is the difference between your estimate and actual amount. The aim […]

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Add it up!

Add it up!

I’m feeling rather chuffed with myself! I’ve created a little game/teaching resource called “Add it up!” that I’d like to share with you. Its pretty simple – a series of numbers flash up on the screen (a second for each number) and all you have to do is add them up in your head. Once […]

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