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One in Eight (thousand)

A warm Sunday morning in May. I’m up (too) early and heading off to my local football ground. Its cup-final day for the local youth leagues and I shall be officiating in a couple of games, first as an assistant referee, then I shall swap with the man in the middle who will be my […]

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Pint, anyone?

One of the casualties of the forthcoming changes to the A-Level syllabus is the Decision Maths module(s). The “standard” A (and AS) Level will consist of Pure Maths and a combined applied maths paper, made up of content from both Mechanics and Statistics. I’m not sure how I feel about this – on the one […]

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What’s the point?

“What’s the point?” the question we hear from students all too frequently. “When am I ever going to need this?” “Do I really need to know trigonometry?” Tricky questions, and I never feel satisfied with the answers I give my pupils. Who knows when someone will use a trig ratio in later life, but that’s […]

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I ate and I ate …

The Government has announced that it expects all children to be able to recall their times tables – up to and including 12 x 12 – by the time they reach age 11 and leave Primary School. Quite right too. They should know them before age 11, but it makes sense to test them at […]

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Thank You!

… and the stats are in. My blog has been visited circa 20,000 times in 2015 – a number with which I’m quite impressed.  Thank you for your continued support and readership; it really does make a difference to know that someone is actually reading what I write. I hope to be a little more […]

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