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31 5 13 A Prime Day and a Palindromic Date

What a special day! The 31st May 2013, or, as we write in Europe, 31 5 13. And this is what makes it so special: Its a Palindromic Date 31 5 13 – the same forwards as it is backwards Its a Prime Day 31 5 13 – all the numbers in its date are […]

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Another Palindromic Date

31st March 2013 - a palindromic date - 31 3 13

Happy Easter – and happy Palindromic Date Day! It’s another day when the date is the same backwards as it is forwards – the last one we had was two months ago, can you work out when the next one will be? Interested in palindromic numbers? Then you might be interested in this investigation into […]

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Palindromic Numbers

Today is a palindrome. Look at today’s date: 31 1 13 Its the same forward as it is backwards. There’s quite a nice little investigation you can do with numbers: Take any 3 digit number – say 567. Reverse the digits -> 765 and add them together.  Is the answer “interesting”? (In this case “interesting” […]

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