Welcome to my blog – I hope you find it of interest/of use/not too useless*

*delete as appropriate

My aim is to engage, to communicate and maybe to educate.

I teach maths – this blog contains my thoughts, my opinions and my ideas.  You might, from time to time, find ideas that will help you help your child improve their maths.

You might, from time to time, disagree with what I write. I hope so. Argument and discussion is a great way to learn. To me, maths is a social subject – to be talked about, argued about, but above all, to be enjoyed by all.

So please do contribute – comment on my posts, contact me if you wish. Engage and join in (because the more you contribute, the less I need to write, and that’s why we maths teachers teach maths, and not English – because you don’t have to write too much!)

Thanks for your time, now go read some of my posts and join in.