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Triangle Fractions

What fraction of the triangle is shaded in? Not an easy problem.  Its often easier to start with something simple and work from there. So, what fraction of these triangles are shaded in (click on each image to get a bigger view): Perhaps you can use your answers to those above to help you solve […]

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What a day!

29th November 2013 – 29 11 13 – What a day! Its a prime day – all the numbers: 29 11 & 13 are prime But also: 291113 is a prime number And not only that, but if you write the date in the American format: month day year you get: 112913 which is also […]

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Maths Vandalism II

source Of course, maths teachers in no way condone vandalism, but I do like this! More maths vandalism here Related posts: Maths Teacher Shortage! Has the PM been reading my blog? 7 Great Maths reources for teachers, pupils and parents You couldn’t make it up, could you?

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Another Prime Day

13th November 2013 – 13 11 13: another prime day 13 and 11 are prime numbers and, even better, when you put all the digits together: 131113 you get another prime number. There’s only one more prime day like this until 2017, so enjoy it while you can! Related posts: Palindromic, Prime and Other Dates […]

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Palindromic, Prime and Other Dates

November is upon us, and there are a few interesting dates to look forward to: Palindromic Dates: The 3rd November is a palindrome: 3 11 13 The same forward as it is backwards Prime Days: Lots of Prime Days this month, where each element of the date is a prime number: 2 11 13 3 […]

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