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So I spot a pupil with his iPad out when he should be working through some (paper and pen) revision questions. I head over ready to chastise him, but notice that he’s not on Facebook, Snapchat or anything else he shouldn’t be, but had gone to the BBC Bitesize website to help him with his […]

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Revision is temporary …

… results are permanent. Bill Shankly famously once said: Form is temporary, class is permanent I (rather less famously) have butchered his words to come up with the motivational message above to maybe spur one or two on with their revision as the summer exams loom ever closer. Feel free to do with it what […]

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Meet Mrs Edwards …

… the maths department’s very own Walter White! I came across that on 20 rude and inappropriate kids drawings. Hat’s off to our Primary School teachers – they need the patience of a saint. But older pupils do still come up with some of their own little gems. A few weeks ago I was teaching […]

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The Real Thing

I stumbled across the above puzzle the other day. What is the number underneath the car? Don’t worry if you don’t get it – you won’t be alone.  I had the problem up on the board as a starter for my Upper Sixth A-Level class. The lad who is on course to get an A* […]

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