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Group work

To be fair, successive governments have been pretty successful in raising the profile and importance of Maths as an A Level and it is the most popular A-Level with circa 11% of 2015 entries being A Level Maths. But this is not without its problems – as pupils and parents recognise the value of Maths […]

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‘Twas the night before results day …

So, when I went to bed last night I was a little anxious. Why? Today is GCSE results day and as I fell asleep I wasn’t convinced that my whole class would secure that oh so important Grade C (or better.) There were (at least) 3 students of mine for whom a grade C would […]

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Revision is temporary …

… results are permanent. Bill Shankly famously once said: Form is temporary, class is permanent I (rather less famously) have butchered his words to come up with the motivational message above to maybe spur one or two on with their revision as the summer exams loom ever closer. Feel free to do with it what […]

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Another great idea I’ve pinched

If I’m honest, I don’t think that I’ve had an original idea in my life, and why change the habits of a lifetime now when I can nick the brilliant ideas of those I work with. The latest idea I’m stealing is “cheat sheets” for tests. My Year 11’s were due a test so for […]

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A marathon, not a sprint

I like food. I love to eat. But, alas, several years ago I reached the age where I could no longer eat what I wanted and not worry about it. I faced a choice. A difficult choice: either eat less or exercise more. Eating less did not seem particularly attractive to me so I decided […]

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