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The Law’s an ass …

The law's and ass, and so is David Laws

… and so is David Laws. David Laws, the Government Minister (who, it should be remembered, has only recently returned to the cabinet after it was discovered that he was fiddling MP expenses to the tune of £40,000+) has said that teachers are not encouraging their pupils to aim high enough. There is a lot […]

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I work with geniuses!

Albert Einstein - Genius!

Every day I get to work with geniuses.  They often don’t yet know they are a genius, and they’ve still to hit the heights of Einstein, but nevertheless, I am, on a daily basis, struck by the brilliance and intuitive thought of those I teach. I’ve recently been doing some work with a class, encouraging […]

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Percentages – Its all in the name: Per as in ‘out of’ and cent as in ‘century’ ‘dollars (or Euros) and cents’ ‘Centurion’ and ‘hundred’ in French. Percent means: ‘out of 100’ So to turn a percentage into a fraction, just shove it over one hundred: 58% = 58⁄100 … … but don’t forget to […]

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Vulgar Fractions

Vulgar Fraction

Pick up any dictionary and you will find ‘Vulgar’ defined along the lines of: Lacking sophistication or good taste; unrefined indecent; obscene; lewd … and I’ve often wondered what the poor old fraction has done to deserve such a reputation. I have visions of unruly fractions, burping and belching and generally terrorising the more gentle […]

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