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Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Over on Twitter, @missradders has sparked a really interesting discussion on subtracting fractions by offering the above method to subtract two fractions.  (see the Twitter thread here) I must admit, it is a method new to me and, from reading the replies to her tweet, it was unfamiliar to many other teachers, to. But is […]

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All you need is …

Here’s a challenge for you: Fire up your favourite graph plotter (mine is Desmos) and see if you can reduce LOVE to four equations. You’ll need to think about the domain and range, and a knowledge of the modulus function helps, making this a good exercise for A-Level students. *** Spoiler Alert *** You can […]

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They think its all over …

My Year Nines bundled into my classroom this morning with even more excitement than normal.  I attributed this extra energy to a combination of the high winds as the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo battered our sceptered isle and the imminent prospect of the half term holiday. But I was wrong. One of the students had […]

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It’s all kicked off …

Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient, and other ways to use football to teach maths A new season kicked off at the weekend and I’ve been thinking of ways to “use” the Premier League in my teaching. This year I shall be teaching Statistics 1 A & AS level module which (for my board, OCR) includes using […]

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The Mathematics of Love!

(x2 + ½y2-1)3 = x2y3 The Mathematics of Love! Plot that equation, and this is what you get: Wishing you all a Happy, Mathematical, Valentine’s Day. I made my graph using the online graphing calculator Desmos You can go directly to my version of the love heart here Related posts: Ferris Wheels, Bumper Cars and […]

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