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Large Data Sets

Large data sets – not the most inspiring of titles, but one which we teachers of A Level maths will become increasingly familiar over the next few weeks and months. A Level maths is changing, but two plus two remains four, most of the content that is in the current A Level syllabus is in […]

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Pint, anyone?

One of the casualties of the forthcoming changes to the A-Level syllabus is the Decision Maths module(s). The “standard” A (and AS) Level will consist of Pure Maths and a combined applied maths paper, made up of content from both Mechanics and Statistics. I’m not sure how I feel about this – on the one […]

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2017 – A prime year

Its been a fallow time for “Prime Dates” of late – the last was way back in November 2013 (a quick moments thought should reveal why there were no prime dates in 2014, ’15 or ’16) but now the drought is over, let the deluge begin. 2017 is, itself, a prime number and the year […]

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