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Number 1 – Prime or Not

The Number 1 – is it a prime number? So – we normally say, a prime number is a number that can only be divided by itself and 1. A good working definition that most children know, understand and readily accept. But … … but 1 is not a prime number. Why? Well, the true […]

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Gove Levels

  You will, no doubt, have read in the press and seen in the media much talk about the proposed changes to GCSEs and exams taken at age 16. Why are the changes being made? Basically the GCSE ‘brand’ has become toxic.  Grade inflation has become rampant and confidence in the exam has fallen. It […]

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The Dice Game

Adding and subtraction practice is important, but, if we’re honest, a page of ‘sums’ is not the most exciting prospect for your pupil brought up on a diet of X-Box and X-Factor. The solution – trick ’em into doing sums using ‘The Dice Game’ I get the children to draw some lines in the form […]

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Countdown – one of my favourite games. Given 6 numbers, using add, take-away, times and divide, can you make the target number? You can only use each number once, but you don’t have to use ever number Here’s a few for you to try Given the numbers: 4  7  8  2  10  100 Targets: 734 […]

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The answer is …

The answer is … … what is the question? Related posts: The Nations Numeracy … A Friday Thinker 243 – My new favourite number A Good Question

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