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A maths teacher on holiday

Happy holidays to teachers, pupils & parents alike. Related posts: A maths teacher on holiday Maths Teacher Shortage! 7 Great Maths reources for teachers, pupils and parents You know the summer holiday is over when …

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Goodbye Mr Gove

So it’s farewell to Mr. Gove as Education Minister. Whether you liked him or loathed him, he had to go.  Some of his ideas were good, some of his innovations positive but, similarly, many weren’t. However, his biggest failing was to alienate pretty much the whole teaching profession with his dogmatic, combative and, yes, bullying […]

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George Osborne – What a turnip

George Osborne – The Chancellor -probably the second most powerful politician in the country. And a prize turnip, too. He was asked, by a seven year old boy: What’s seven times eight Our intrepid leader refused to answer, replying: I’ve made it a rule in life not to answer a whole load of maths questions […]

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