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When I were a lad things were different. When I were a lad, an eye pad was a patch taped onto the glasses of the kid who suffered from “lazy eye”; a wii was, well, a wee and an ex-box was all that remained of your cereal packet after your sugar coated breakfast treat. When […]

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2048 – Again!

On returning from a lovely week in the sun, I logged on and checked my school emails and was delighted to receive the email below, accompanied by the picture shown above: Hi sir! I finally completed it after hours upon hours spent since you showed us that lesson! Hope youre having a good summer! L*** […]

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Still Learning …

… 2048 revisited Back in April I blogged about the game 2048 and I know a lot of you ended up ‘wasting’ a lot of time playing it . (I did warn you!) I also introduced it to one of my classes on the last day of the Easter term, before we broke for the […]

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If you don’t have much time …

… stop reading now as I don’t want to be responsible for you frittering away anymore of your valuable time. Still reading? OK , good, but be warned, you are liable to loose hours, days, maybe even weeks playing: Its a simple game that you can play either online or as a (free) downloadable app. […]

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Fun, but infuriating!

This is great fun! A really simple idea, well executed, this online game asks you a simple maths question and offers two possible solutions.  All you have to do is click on the right answer to get the next question and start progressing up the levels.  Get a question wrong, and its game over. But, […]

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