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Trust me, I’m a maths teacher

There are two types of mathematicians (or 10 if you are into binary) – pure mathematicians and applied mathematicians.  I am firmly in the latter camp. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy solving a tricky trig problem, just for the sake of it, but it is applying maths to the real world that really […]

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When I were a lad things were different. When I were a lad, an eye pad was a patch taped onto the glasses of the kid who suffered from “lazy eye”; a wii was, well, a wee and an ex-box was all that remained of your cereal packet after your sugar coated breakfast treat. When […]

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2048 – Again!

On returning from a lovely week in the sun, I logged on and checked my school emails and was delighted to receive the email below, accompanied by the picture shown above: Hi sir! I finally completed it after hours upon hours spent since you showed us that lesson! Hope youre having a good summer! L*** […]

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Still Learning …

… 2048 revisited Back in April I blogged about the game 2048 and I know a lot of you ended up ‘wasting’ a lot of time playing it . (I did warn you!) I also introduced it to one of my classes on the last day of the Easter term, before we broke for the […]

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If you don’t have much time …

… stop reading now as I don’t want to be responsible for you frittering away anymore of your valuable time. Still reading? OK , good, but be warned, you are liable to loose hours, days, maybe even weeks playing: Its a simple game that you can play either online or as a (free) downloadable app. […]

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