Still Learning …

… 2048 revisited

Back in April I blogged about the game 2048

2084 Gameand I know a lot of you ended up ‘wasting’ a lot of time playing it . (I did warn you!)

I also introduced it to one of my classes on the last day of the Easter term, before we broke for the holidays. They are still playing it, in fact its popularity spread around the school quite quickly and it is now played by many students.  At least their doubling skills and knowledge of the powers of 2 has improved!

Yesterday, the class to which I first showed the game told me of a ‘cheat.’ Its not really a cheat, but a great strategy to improve your score:

Never go up, only ever swipe left, right, or down.

Armed with this new approach, I spent a little (a lot!) of time slumped on the sofa with my iPad last night, playing the game and trying the new strategy.  It works! It works because your big numbers accumulate at the bottom of the screen, making it easier to merge them.  Once, in frustration, I did swipe upwards to merge two “256’s” – a temporary improvement, but it soon lead to further complications, so resist the temptation.

It doesn’t make the game easy, just easier.  I still haven’t got the elusive 2048 tile, but I did get a 1024 tile, and a new personal best high score.

Armed with this knowledge, go and have another go at the game and see how you get on.

[You can find an online version of the game >>here<<]

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