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Climbing Mountains in Winter

Why do people climb mountains in Winter? Or go hill walking in Autumn? Those that do will tell you that it is for the challenge, the fresh air, the excitement. For the companionship if walking as a group, for the solitude if climbing alone. And, most of all, for the stunning views. They lie. On […]

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Group work

To be fair, successive governments have been pretty successful in raising the profile and importance of Maths as an A Level and it is the most popular A-Level with circa 11% of 2015 entries being A Level Maths. But this is not without its problems – as pupils and parents recognise the value of Maths […]

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A(nother) Special Day

Monday 5th October – or 5 10 15 – is a special date: Its a palindromic date: it reads the same forwards as it does backwards … … and it is 5n day, where 5n is the formula for the nth term of the date series 5, 10, 15 … Whatever you do on Monday, […]

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