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9th Jan 2016 – A Rotational Date

9th Jan 2016 – 9 1 16 – it’s not a palindromic date, but it is a rotational date: it has an order of rotational symmetry of 2.  That means if you rotate it about its centre it looks exactly the same when rotated through 1800 (You have to pick the right font, of course. […]

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A(nother) Special Day

Monday 5th October – or 5 10 15 – is a special date: Its a palindromic date: it reads the same forwards as it does backwards … … and it is 5n day, where 5n is the formula for the nth term of the date series 5, 10, 15 … Whatever you do on Monday, […]

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Palindromic, Prime and Other Dates

November is upon us, and there are a few interesting dates to look forward to: Palindromic Dates: The 3rd November is a palindrome: 3 11 13 The same forward as it is backwards Prime Days: Lots of Prime Days this month, where each element of the date is a prime number: 2 11 13 3 […]

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