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Another Palindromic Date

31st March 2013 - a palindromic date - 31 3 13

Happy Easter – and happy Palindromic Date Day! It’s another day when the date is the same backwards as it is forwards – the last one we had was two months ago, can you work out when the next one will be? Interested in palindromic numbers? Then you might be interested in this investigation into […]

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Here’s an interesting little fact. If you had a pizza, with a radius of ‘z’ and a thickness of ‘a’ its volume would be: Pizza or, Pi times z, times z, times a (remember – we “lazy mathematicians” often leave out times signs when using algebra: F = ma actually is F = m x […]

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(American) Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! In the UK, we write the date in the Day/Month/Year format, but our American cousins write the Month then the Day so, whilst we would write today’s date as 14.3.13, in America it is written as 3.14.13 or Pi Day as Pi (to two decimal places) is 3.14. In two years time […]

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Why we teach

Let x = 0.222 ...

On Friday, after lessons, a pupil came to find me. I don’t teach him this year, but have done so previously and I know him to be particularly interested in the subject and we often chat about what he’s currently studying in maths. He sought me out for some help with a problem he had […]

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