Here’s an interesting little fact.

If you had a pizza, with a radius of ‘z’ and a thickness of ‘a’ its volume would be: Pizza

or, Pi times z, times z, times a (remember – we “lazy mathematicians” often leave out times signs when using algebra: F = ma actually is F = m x a)

Lets look at the maths:

A Pizza is a cylinder – a circular tube (albeit a thin one!), or circular prism.

To find the volume of a prism, find the area of the face and multiply by the height.

Our pizza has a circular face and the area of a circle is: π r2 or Pi r squared, or Pi times radius times radius

If the radius of our pizza is z, then the area of the circular face is π z2 or Pi*z*z (* means “multiply” in computer speak)

And to find the volume of our pizza, we just multiply the area of the face by its height – in this case a, so the volume of the pizza is:

Pi*z*z*a or Pizza if we’re being lazy and missing out the multiply symbols.

And I think that’s neat!

I’d like to thank:


AsapSCIENCE – the inspiration behind this post. You can follow them on Twitter, I do.


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