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A glimpse of the future …

I’ve glimpsed the future, or, perhaps more accurately, I glimpsed my future. And it wasn’t a happy sight … October half-term, a chance to catch your breath after the excitement of the start of a new year begins to wane, but the pace doesn’t. A chance to ask: “Where did the time go? How did […]

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Top Ten

“Ping” Just before I was due to teach Period 1 this morning my computer chimed, announcing the arrival of (yet another) email. Thinking that I might be able to action and delete it before the lesson began, I clicked to open it. I’m glad I did, its the best email I’ve received all week: Good […]

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Pythagoras Day

It may be nine days until Christmas, but today isĀ the day to celebrate this December. It’s Pythagoras Day: 16/12/20 Why? Well 162 + 122 = 202 and A Pythagorean triple is a set of 3 integers (whole numbers) a, b & c such that: a2 + b2 = c2 And its nearly five years until […]

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Covid 19 stats, part 4

Some good news. For the first time since mid-March, excess deaths are below the five year average. Regular readers will know that I have been tracking “excess deaths” (based on data provided by Office for National StatisticsĀ ) as it strips out any debate as to whether a death was due to Covid 19 or not. […]

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A niche joke

In the Philippines, two fifths of the band play on. Forgive my indulgence – a rather niche joke. Where you fall in the Venn diagram below will determine whether or not you are enjoying a quiet chuckle right now. Related posts: Holy Venn Diagram Whimsical and self-deprecating Pint, anyone?

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