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The confessions of a maths teacher – how I slept my way to success

The confessions of a maths teacher – how I slept my way to success. It may just be that all our work scrutiny, all that triple marking, all that group work and all those verbal feedback stamps have, at best, merely been tinkering around the edges, covering over the cracks, re-arranging deck chairs on the […]

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What an ar$e

After yesterday’s blog post which highlighted the calm, statesman like brilliance of President Macron, today the pendulum swings fully the other way, allowing Piers Morgan to show himself to be a bullying buffoon, a despicable and pathetic man. He tries to show that he is more intelligent than the guests on his show – guests […]

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Fantastic, Mr President

President Macron of France took a teenager to task for failing to show him – or more correctly, the Office of his Presidency – due respect. It is a fantastic clip, in which the French leader displays gravitas whilst taking the opportunity to educate. The day you want to start a revolution you study first […]

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Most Competitive League in Europe

Saturday saw Aston Villa face Fulham FC in what is widely regarded as the most valuable game in world football – the winners of the Championship play off can look forward to the next season in the Premier League, a season worth circa £170 million, a sum far eclipsing the prize money of any other […]

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University Admissions

A little over a year ago I completed my collection of 15 works of fiction. As a tutor to fifteen Upper Sixth students I was obliged to write a glowing UCAS reference for each one, to support their application for university. My line, above, is of course, a joke – every word that I penned […]

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