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When I were a lad things were different. When I were a lad, an eye pad was a patch taped onto the glasses of the kid who suffered from “lazy eye”; a wii was, well, a wee and an ex-box was all that remained of your cereal packet after your sugar coated breakfast treat. When […]

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They think its all over …

My Year Nines bundled into my classroom this morning with even more excitement than normal.  I attributed this extra energy to a combination of the high winds as the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo battered our sceptered isle and the imminent prospect of the half term holiday. But I was wrong. One of the students had […]

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A Good Question

So half my Year Eleven’s are missing, out on a Geography field trip. No point starting anything new, time to whip out some trusty revision material – “20 Homework Quickies” if I remember correctly. 20 short questions on a range of GCSE topics: 3x + 4 = 5 x – 2,  write 0.00012345 in Standard […]

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