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Soldier’s Buttons

Soldier’s Buttons – or how to add decimals OK – I’ll be honest, I’ve never had an original idea in my life, but I’m quite good at ripping off those that have gone before me. Many, many years ago, at a school far, far away, I arrived as a fresh faced Head of Maths. Rummaging […]

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Doctors and nurse make a difference – on a daily basis they change lives. Policemen and women, Firefighters – they keep us safe and secure. Not all professions can claim that, not all jobs make the world in which we live a better place. Teaching? Its easy to forget, but teachers open doors and let […]

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Maths Product Problem

Take the letters of the alphabet and assign them a numerical value: a = 1, b = 2, c = 3 etc. through to z = 26. So the word maths is made from the numbers 13, 1, 20, 8 and 19 and if you multiply them together you get 39,520. Can you find any […]

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Fractions worksheets

Fractions – the bane of many a pupil’s, parent’s and – let’s be honest – teacher’s life. With the advent of the calculator, with the ability to do fraction calculations in a snap, I often hear the anguished cry of “what’s the point of this, why can’t I just use my calculator?” And it is, […]

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3n + 4 day

Monday 7th October 2013 – 7 10 13 – is 3n + 4 day, a great way to start the teaching week! My classes will be writing the date in their work as 3n + 4. What else can you do with this date? You could ask some questions, like: When and what will be […]

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