3n + 4 day

3n + 4 dayMonday 7th October 2013 – 7 10 13 – is 3n + 4 day, a great way to start the teaching week!

My classes will be writing the date in their work as 3n + 4.

What else can you do with this date?

You could ask some questions, like:

  • When and what will be the next xn + y date?
  • How many are there each year?
  • Will there always be dates in this format each year?
  • Assuming the form xn + y, will there ever be the case when x is a negative number?
  • What other number pattern dates are there? In the summer we enjoyed Fibonacci Day: 5 8 13, when will the next Fibonacci day be? What about Triangular or Square number days?
  • What other exciting dates are there? Palindromic dates, Pi Day etc.

Some food for thought that you may what to ask your classes as a 5 minute filler at the end of the lesson.

Whatever you do, remember the date: 3n + 4, and enjoy the day!

7 10 13

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