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Stats of the Year 2019

Regular readers will know that I like my stats. I like them because they, sometimes, confirm what we suspect or, because, sometimes, they tell us things we didn’t know. And I particularly like them not because they answer a question, but they typically prompt another question – why? Today is an important day. Today is […]

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General Election 2019 in 3 charts

Whether or not it gives us a good government is a question I leave for you. But what a general election does give us is data and I like data. So I crunched some numbers and came up with the three charts, above. I haven’t included any numbers as I quite like the aesthetic look […]

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GDP ranking by country

I recently discovered the video above that ranks the top ten countries by GDP from 1960 to 2017. It is quite mesmeric watching it (I am reminded of the great Hans Rosling and how he presented data) and got me wondering: is it Economics, History or Statistics?  (It is, of course, all three) And, as […]

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A tough question

A student asked me a difficult question the other day. I’m normally pretty confident with my subject knowledge, and am rarely stumped when quizzed out of the blue. Sometimes a tricky question from Further Maths, or a more esoteric A level problem may leave me scratching my head for a minute or two. Worst case […]

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Its all getting quite exciting

Russia 2018 – its turning out to be a vintage World Cup. We’ve had shocks, upset and – at the time of writing – England are still in it (with a supposedly “easy” route to the final. Half of me dares to hope, the other half fears we will be dumped out tomorrow night by […]

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