GDP ranking by country

I recently discovered the video above that ranks the top ten countries by GDP from 1960 to 2017.

It is quite mesmeric watching it (I am reminded of the great Hans Rosling and how he presented data) and got me wondering: is it Economics, History or Statistics?  (It is, of course, all three)

And, as I’ve said before, good statistics always prompt more questions than they answer. The first of which may be:

What about GDP per capita?

Well here’s a video that answers that question:

… which prompts the question:

so what happened to Monaco in 2012 and Lichtenstein in 2016?

… for which I don’t (yet) have an answer.

Whatever you take from the above videos, however you use them, I hope you enjoyed them, and I hope they’ve raised some questions of your own.

The videos were made by WawamuStas with the original data coming from the World Bank, a great source of Large Data Sets

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