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The Nations Numeracy …

… a lament. May half term. And its raining. But never mind, I’m sat enjoying a leisurely breakfast of toast & marmite, and listening to Radio 5 – Live, a simple pleasure, but one that I enjoy in my hols. Today’s discussion and phone in is about smoking, and whether the cost of a packet […]

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A cute angel

Many years ago I set a test and one of the questions asked the pupils to Draw an acute angle and I received many correct answers: an angle between 0 and 90 degrees. But one student drew me a wonderful picture, like the one above, of a cute angel. An easy mistake to make, and […]

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Still Learning …

… 2048 revisited Back in April I blogged about the game 2048 and I know a lot of you ended up ‘wasting’ a lot of time playing it . (I did warn you!) I also introduced it to one of my classes on the last day of the Easter term, before we broke for the […]

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A marathon, not a sprint

I like food. I love to eat. But, alas, several years ago I reached the age where I could no longer eat what I wanted and not worry about it. I faced a choice. A difficult choice: either eat less or exercise more. Eating less did not seem particularly attractive to me so I decided […]

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