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The Nations Numeracy …

… a lament. May half term. And its raining. But never mind, I’m sat enjoying a leisurely breakfast of toast & marmite, and listening to Radio 5 – Live, a simple pleasure, but one that I enjoy in my hols. Today’s discussion and phone in is about smoking, and whether the cost of a packet […]

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A little bit of toast

Toast – for me a Sunday morning treat. But, alas, this morning our trusty toasty gave up the ghost and was only browning one side of each slice. So a quick trip to Tesco, and a new toaster purchased – a family essential with an 11 yr old who seems to live on the stuff. […]

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In this world of spreadsheets, smart phones, apps and calculators, you may ask does anyone ever need to estimate an answer when, with a few clicks, they can have the exact answer? But the ability to estimate is as important as ever: mental arithmetic hasn’t gone away and the ability to get a ‘ball park […]

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