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Nick Gibb – a poor man’s George Osborne?

Back in 2014, I wrote “What a turnip” as the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, refused to answer the simple times table: “what is seven times eight?” Today it was the turn of the School’s Minister, Nick Gibb, who was on TV announcing his scheme for all eight and nine year old children […]

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Come the revolution!

Anyone walking past my classroom of late might have come to the conclusion that I was fomenting a revolution, hearing me inciting my students to Bring down the power! The Head can sleep easy in his bed – I am not encouraging the students to rise up, burn their books and storm the staff room. […]

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Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Over on Twitter, @missradders has sparked a really interesting discussion on subtracting fractions by offering the above method to subtract two fractions.  (see the Twitter thread here) I must admit, it is a method new to me and, from reading the replies to her tweet, it was unfamiliar to many other teachers, to. But is […]

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5318008 …

… a tale of calculators then and now   Back in my day at school, calculators in the classroom were in their infancy – I was in the last year that were not allowed calculators in their O Level maths exam, although we did use them in A Level Maths. We thought they were pretty […]

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Quite Interesting

Twitter is a wonderful thing. I woke up this morning, fired up my PC, checked my twitter stream and was instantly enlightened. A tweet from @Teach Further Maths informed me that the number 40, when written as forty, is the only number that is spelled in alphabetical order, and that “one” is the only number […]

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