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Mr. Mobius is a maths teacher. A very good maths teacher. A very good maths teacher who likes colourful socks. But he does have some rather, shall we say, odd ways. When he hangs out his colourful socks to dry he likes them to be hung on the line in a certain way. Not for […]

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Count Quick!

How many holes can you count? I came across this circular drain cover and I liked it – I liked its symmetry and its circular nature. I decided to count the holes, and challenged those with me to do the same – a sort of maths race! We all got the same answer (no – […]

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Approximate Pi Day

Happy Approximate Pi Day! 22nd July – 22/7 A reasonable approximation for Pi – good to 2 decimal places. If you want a better approximation for Pi you could use 333/106 which is good to 4 decimal places, or, for even more accuracy, use 355/113 which is good to 6 decimal places. But you can’t […]

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Wednesday 17th July 2013 – another prime day! 17713 is prime as are all the individual components: 17, 7, 13 And it works in America too! Writing the month, day, year still yields a prime number 71713 It’s the last UK Prime Day until November (America get another prime day on 23 July – 72313) […]

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Estimate the Percentage Game

Estimate the percentage – a fun game, perfect for the interactive whiteboard. Suggested Rules Estimate the percentage of the circle that is coloured green. Write down your guess. Click the red “Answer” button to see the actual amount that is shaded in. Your score is the difference between your estimate and actual amount. The aim […]

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