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Pi Month

The Americans have their Pi Day later this month – March 14th – 3.14, as they write the month then the date. We have our own “Approximate Pi Day” on 22nd July – 22/7 – a good approximation for Pi. But this year, we have “Pi Month” – March 2014 – 3.14. Enjoy every glorious […]

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A picture paints a thousand words Most people and pupils* are pretty comfortable with using degrees to measure angles. Whilst 360o might seem an arbitrary number to split a complete rotation into, it makes sense to most. But in A-Level maths (and beyond) the humble degree doesn’t always cut it, and students are introduced to […]

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Approximate Pi Day

Happy Approximate Pi Day! 22nd July – 22/7 A reasonable approximation for Pi – good to 2 decimal places. If you want a better approximation for Pi you could use 333/106 which is good to 4 decimal places, or, for even more accuracy, use 355/113 which is good to 6 decimal places. But you can’t […]

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The Longest Day

21st June 2013 – the Summer Solstice, the longest day. Druids, and others, have gathered at Stonehenge to celebrate the day. Despite driving past Stonehenge on many occasions and, many, many years ago, climbing over the stones themselves (in those days you had un-restricted access to the monument. Today, you are kept a respectful, if […]

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(American) Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! In the UK, we write the date in the Day/Month/Year format, but our American cousins write the Month then the Day so, whilst we would write today’s date as 14.3.13, in America it is written as 3.14.13 or Pi Day as Pi (to two decimal places) is 3.14. In two years time […]

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