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Estimate the angle Part II

A lot of you have been using and playing my Estimate the Angle Game where you are shown an angle and you have to estimate its size to the nearest degree. Well, here’s a real world version for you. This morning as I was getting into my car to head to school another vehicle came […]

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A picture paints a thousand words Most people and pupils* are pretty comfortable with using degrees to measure angles. Whilst 360o might seem an arbitrary number to split a complete rotation into, it makes sense to most. But in A-Level maths (and beyond) the humble degree doesn’t always cut it, and students are introduced to […]

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Angry Owl or Kissing Fish?

Angry Owl or Kissing Fish?

Take two straight lines:   and have them cross:   The opposite angles are equal:     We often show that angles are the same by marking them with a dot, and we always mark angles we’re interested in with an arc inside the angle.   But when we do that, we left with a […]

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