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Golf – Its just A Level Maths

And so the superb summer of sport rolls on. We’ve had the women’s success in the football World Cup, watched some sublime rallies at Wimbledon and thumped the Aussies to secure the First Test in the Ashes series. Now our attention swings northwards to St. Andrews, Scotland, for the Open Golf Championship. Golf, despite what […]

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One in Four?

Sir Michael Wilshaw, the head of OFSTED, claimed yesterday that … One in four – a quarter – of leaders in secondary schools are not good enough … and that got me thinking about the Heads that I’ve served under in my time in the classroom. I’ve worked for seven different Head Teachers, most have […]

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Percentage Soup

Oops! Looks like Campbells have got themselves in a bit of a pickle over percentages. They can’t both be right, so which is it 30% or 40%? Shall we “do the math” as they say in America. Old size times (1+x) = New size, where x is the percentage increase in decimal form. A quick […]

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