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31 5 13 A Prime Day and a Palindromic Date

What a special day! The 31st May 2013, or, as we write in Europe, 31 5 13. And this is what makes it so special: Its a Palindromic Date 31 5 13 – the same forwards as it is backwards Its a Prime Day 31 5 13 – all the numbers in its date are […]

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Revision Tip

We’re well and truly into exam season and (hopefully) lots of revision is taking place. The best way to revise maths is to do questions – practice, practice and more practice. But for a change, why not make some posters in the style of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” range, using short formulas, statements […]

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Exam Top Tip!

Highlighter Pen

The more I teach maths – and I’ve been teaching it for a while now – the more I’ve come to realise that often its not a pupil’s mathematical ability that causes them difficulties, but the language of maths that is the problem. So as we enter exam season, I offer this top tip for […]

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A Prime Day

2/5/13 A Prime Day

It’s a Prime Day today! Today’s date 2/5/13 is made up of prime numbers. And tomorrow (3/5/13) is a prime day too. In fact, there’s rather a lot of prime days this month – over 1⁄3 (that’s 33.33% if you prefer working in percentages) of the days this month will be prime days. Was yesterday […]

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