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How did I do?

Back in this post, way back in August at the start of the football season, I wrote of how I was predicting the outcome of the Premier League and would compare my predictions with the actual finishing places using Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficient. So now the last ball has been kicked, the champions crowned and […]

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Invoking the Santa Clause

It’s only May, but I caught myself invoking the “Santa clause” the other day. You know how parents threaten their small children into good behaviour as Christmas approaches by telling them that Santa is watching? Well, with 10 days until parents consultations I invoked “The Clause” and tried to cajole my lacklustre year 10s with […]

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Nailed it!

Friday morning and my Year 11 troop into my classroom for the start of period 2. Spotting me watching the BBC’s election coverage on my computer they begin asking me questions about the election, who won, how does it work etc. and so I launch into a “dad lecture” about the election, giving a precis […]

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