Invoking the Santa Clause

santa clauseIt’s only May, but I caught myself invoking the “Santa clause” the other day.

You know how parents threaten their small children into good behaviour as Christmas approaches by telling them that Santa is watching? Well, with 10 days until parents consultations I invoked “The Clause” and tried to cajole my lacklustre year 10s with the threat that I would be seeing their parents in a few days time.

Did it work? I don’t think so, especially with those who told me their parents weren’t coming.  Not much point then in reminding them that they’ll be doing their GCSEs this time next year … (A year is long time in the life of a teenager.)

(Don’t worry, dear reader, we’ve made up since then and all are working hard again, so perhaps I’ll have some good things to say at parents evening after all.)

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