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Boxing Day, Football Fixtures and Chinese Postmen

Boxing Day. Possibly the only day I don’t envy the lifestyle of a Premier League footballer. Yes, they may earn millions, yes, they only “work” a few hours a day, but  Boxing Day is a day for rest and recovery, not for running around after a ball for ninety minutes. So I settled down on […]

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A maths teacher on holiday

Happy holidays to all pupils, parents and teachers. A Maths Teacher Writes – Probably the Best Blog in the World Related posts: Maths Teacher Shortage! Has the PM been reading my blog? If maths teachers wrote Christmas cracker jokes 7 Great Maths reources for teachers, pupils and parents

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True Grit

The Government has recently announced plans (and funding) to “Instil character in pupils.” The current buzzword is “Grit”, and for me it conjures up images of a posse of young John Waynes swaggering off into the sunset telling their mates to “get off your horse and drink your milk.” All noble stuff and it does […]

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The Poetry of Parallel Lines – The Movie

This post, where I first blogged about the above image, has become one of the most popular pages on my blog. Since discovering the image, I have fallen in love with the melancholic nature of the tale, imagining the moment in the sun when the two lines meet, and the inevitability of them drifting apart, […]

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Nicky Morgan joins the club …

In this post I told the tale of how the Chancellor, George Osborne, ducked a maths question (posed by a seven year old) live on TV. Now our Education Secretary has joined this elite gang by refusing to answer: “What is the cube root of 125?” Admittedly a little trickier than the problem that foxed […]

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