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31st August ’13 – 31 8 13 – another palindromic date. Enjoy! Related posts: Another Palindromic Date 31513 Palindromic, Prime and Other Dates A(nother) Special Day

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Maths vandalism!

OK – so we can’t condone vandalism, but I love this! (for your viewing pleasure, make sure you have sound on by clicking the little speaker symbol in the top left hand corner) Click on the pic to start, and click on it again to stop it once you’ve had enough. I’m off to grab […]

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Today – The Root of All Evil!

If 666 – the number of the beast – symbolises all that is evil, the square root of 666 must be the root of all evil. √666 = 25.8 (to 1 decimal place) and today is the 25th of August, or 25.8 So today is the root of all evil day. [Should you be worried? […]

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Congratulations to all of those who got the results they deserved and hoped for in yesterday’s GCSE results (and last week’s A & AS Levels) – you’ve worked hard, done your best and reaped the rewards. Well Done!   Related posts: If maths teachers wrote Christmas cracker jokes Gove Levels Fun With Faces Maths Product […]

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A picture paints a thousand words Most people and pupils* are pretty comfortable with using degrees to measure angles. Whilst 360o might seem an arbitrary number to split a complete rotation into, it makes sense to most. But in A-Level maths (and beyond) the humble degree doesn’t always cut it, and students are introduced to […]

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