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A Fibonacci Poem

I stumbled across this little gem today and I love it. Fibonacci: To get the next number in the sequence Add the previous two numbers together. It is so simple, and so clever. The original (& best) poem was penned by Brian Bilston, you can find him and follow him here on twitter: @brian_bilston (In […]

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It’s a sin …

Monday morning. January. And its raining. Year 10 Trigonometry. I can get them to work out the missing angle or calculate the size of the hypotenuse. But can I get them to pronounce “sin” properly, as in “sign”? Nope. Class question and answer sessions end up sounding like something from the Spanish Inquisition: Its sin, […]

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Happy 11111011111

Happy New Year, Happy 2015, Happy 11111011111 which is, of course, 2015 in binary, Base 2.* And its a palindrome, which, as you know, I like. Speaking of palindromes, Monday is not only the first day back at school, its also the first palindromic date of the year: 5 1 15 and we won’t see […]

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