It’s a sin …

Sin or sine?

Sin – Photo by april. License CC BY 4.0

Monday morning. January. And its raining.

Year 10 Trigonometry. I can get them to work out the missing angle or calculate the size of the hypotenuse. But can I get them to pronounce “sin” properly, as in “sign”?


Class question and answer sessions end up sounding like something from the Spanish Inquisition:

Its sin, sir, SIN

“Correct, my child” I reply like some sort of benign Tomas de Torquemada.

By the end of the lesson I’ve acquiesced, and they’ve got me doing it too. I console myself with the thought that there are no oral exams in maths, no-one but me will every know that they don’t know its pronounced sign and not sin.

I look to the sky, hoping for a sign, or should that be a sin, but all I hear is the bell and my flock depart for pastures new.

And oddly enough, for the rest of the day, I keep catching myself humming this tune.

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