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A street in Bath paved with octagonal shadows. Look up to see the reason why: Mix sunshine and an art installation and it all adds up to maths!

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It’s a sin …

Monday morning. January. And its raining. Year 10 Trigonometry. I can get them to work out the missing angle or calculate the size of the hypotenuse. But can I get them to pronounce “sin” properly, as in “sign”? Nope. Class question and answer sessions end up sounding like something from the Spanish Inquisition: Its sin, […]

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An Infinity of Chocolate

I’m off to buy myself a bar!

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A picture paints a thousand words Most people and pupils* are pretty comfortable with using degrees to measure angles. Whilst 360o might seem an arbitrary number to split a complete rotation into, it makes sense to most. But in A-Level maths (and beyond) the humble degree doesn’t always cut it, and students are introduced to […]

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Estimate the Percentage Game

Estimate the percentage – a fun game, perfect for the interactive whiteboard. Suggested Rules Estimate the percentage of the circle that is coloured green. Write down your guess. Click the red “Answer” button to see the actual amount that is shaded in. Your score is the difference between your estimate and actual amount. The aim […]

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