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Wales, Boulders and car parking spaces

In a couple of recent blog posts I have written about unconventional units – such as boulders to measure mass or volume,  and football pitches and Wales to measure area. I’m delighted to report another use of an unconventional measure, and this time from the esteemed body that is the  Office for National Statistics. In […]

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A large boulder …

In this post I wrote about using unconventional units of measurement, such as using football pitches or Wales to measure area, or Double Decker Buses for height & volume, the blue whale for mass etc. But, crucially, I omitted a vital measure of volume: the small boulder. In, perhaps, the best tweet of the day, […]

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A street in Bath paved with octagonal shadows. Look up to see the reason why: Mix sunshine and an art installation and it all adds up to maths!

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It’s a sin …

Monday morning. January. And its raining. Year 10 Trigonometry. I can get them to work out the missing angle or calculate the size of the hypotenuse. But can I get them to pronounce “sin” properly, as in “sign”? Nope. Class question and answer sessions end up sounding like something from the Spanish Inquisition: Its sin, […]

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An Infinity of Chocolate

I’m off to buy myself a bar!

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