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Tablecloths, Triangle Numbers and Transformations

On Tuesday I had a day out. The sun was shinning and Cardiff looked beautiful on a clear June day as I arrived at the University to attend a one day seminar “Enriching Mathematical Thinking” delivered by the UK Mathematics Trust It was a day dedicated to maths, and thinking mathematically. It was great fun. […]

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Maths Fail

Saw these ten math(sic) fails … and was reminded of this: … that I found last year. It can be quite tricky, this maths stuff. (Don’t worry Argos – I’ll be singing your praises in a week or so when I introduce my readers to the “Argos Game”) Related posts: Massive Maths FAIL Maths Fail […]

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The Longest Day

21st June 2013 – the Summer Solstice, the longest day. Druids, and others, have gathered at Stonehenge to celebrate the day. Despite driving past Stonehenge on many occasions and, many, many years ago, climbing over the stones themselves (in those days you had un-restricted access to the monument. Today, you are kept a respectful, if […]

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Three Reasons to Love 121

121 – One Hundred and Twenty One Here’s three reasons to love this number: Its a palindromic number – the same backwards as it is forwards It’s a square number – 121 = 11 x 11 = 112 It always reminds me of the mobile company 0ne2one which morphed into T-Mobile. one2one ran a great […]

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The Apprentice

I don’t watch much TV, but the “Big Bang Theory” and “The Apprentice” are my two must see’s each week (and, as a treat, I do stay up and watch the first half of Question Time on a Thursday night. How sad is that?!) If you haven’t yet watched this week’s Apprentice then don’t. A […]

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