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Net for a dice

Nets Nets are the flat (2D) shapes that are then folded up to make a 3D shape. The next time you’ve finished with a cardboard box, unfold it and see how the 3D shape is made. Cubes and cuboids are fairly straightforward – look out for more complicated (interesting!) shapes. (Hint: this is a great […]

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Add it up!

Add it up!

I’m feeling rather chuffed with myself! I’ve created a little game/teaching resource called “Add it up!” that I’d like to share with you. Its pretty simple – a series of numbers flash up on the screen (a second for each number) and all you have to do is add them up in your head. Once […]

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243 – My new favourite number

I’ve got a new favourite number – 243. Why is it my favourite? It’s not because it’s 3 to the power of 5, although that does make it special. To find out why 243 is my new favourite number, divide 1 by 243:  1 ÷ 243 OK, to save you doing the maths, the answer […]

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