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Epiphany on a yoga mat

It was shortly after my standing tree pose had inadvertently become a fallen tree, and I lay on my mat, a crumpled collection of arms and legs listening to the calm, soothing words of my Yogi that it happened, that I had my epiphany, my moment of clarity, when I suddenly understood. A mid-week evening […]

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Holy Venn Diagram

Possibly the best Venn Diagram, ever. Two words – absolute genius. Witty, visually appealing but, most importantly, mathematically correct. Sets and Venn Diagrams have been on the IGCSE syllabus for some time, and made it onto the new GCSE syllabus, so we’ve all got to teach them. Project this image onto your whiteboard, sit back […]

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You are the ref

Regular readers will know that, in addition to maths, I like my sport and, as age diminishes my already limited ability, I find myself increasingly taking to pitch to officiate rather than play. Although it is some fifteen years or more since I qualified as a football ref., I have kept myself abreast of the […]

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There has been a bit of a discussion on Twitter over the last few days about the importance – or otherwise – of pupils making posters. It all started with this blog post written by David Didau who you can (and should) follow on Twitter as @LearningSpy Reading his post, it it becomes apparent that […]

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One in Four?

Sir Michael Wilshaw, the head of OFSTED, claimed yesterday that … One in four – a quarter – of leaders in secondary schools are not good enough … and that got me thinking about the Heads that I’ve served under in my time in the classroom. I’ve worked for seven different Head Teachers, most have […]

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