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Fun, but infuriating!

This is great fun! A really simple idea, well executed, this online game asks you a simple maths question and offers two possible solutions.  All you have to do is click on the right answer to get the next question and start progressing up the levels.  Get a question wrong, and its game over. But, […]

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Estimate the angle Part II

A lot of you have been using and playing my Estimate the Angle Game where you are shown an angle and you have to estimate its size to the nearest degree. Well, here’s a real world version for you. This morning as I was getting into my car to head to school another vehicle came […]

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What makes a good school?

What makes a good school – a question that is often asked, by parents, teachers, Ofsted, the government, pupils … anyone with an interest in education. (For the purposes of this post, I’m not using the Ofsted categorisations of schools: Outstanding, Good etc. I am using the term “good school” in a fairly generic way. […]

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You know the summer holiday is over when …

I know the summer holidays are over because: After spending the summer in flip-flops, I now have a whacking big blister on my heel from my brand new ‘school shoes.’ Ironing smart work shirts takes so much longer than ironing T-Shirts. Whenever I wake up in the night I double check that I have set […]

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4n + 1 Day

Thursday 5th September 2013 – 5 9 13 – or 4n+1 day Have a good ‘un! Related posts: Pythagoras Day 2013! 11 12 13 Palindromic, Prime and Other Dates

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