Estimate the angle Part II

Estimate the angle of the bent key

A lot of you have been using and playing my Estimate the Angle Game where you are shown an angle and you have to estimate its size to the nearest degree.

Well, here’s a real world version for you.

This morning as I was getting into my car to head to school another vehicle came whizzing down the road. Despite being a dry day in broad daylight, he “didn’t see me.” I saw him and I realised he wasn’t going to slow down, stop, or move over so at the last minute I flattened myself against my car and swung the door closed.

BANG! He struck my car door (fortunately missing me by mere millimeters), wreaking havoc with the door and the front wing of my car. Alas, I fear that my trusty (if a bit rusty) reliable stead is destined for the scrap yard, but at least I, and the other driver, were unscathed.  It wasn’t until some time after the accident that I noticed that my key – which had been in the door of the car when it was hit – had been bent.

Seeing maths in everything, I ask you the question: “Estimate the angle that the key has been bent through.”

Bent Key

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