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Palindromic Numbers

Today is a palindrome. Look at today’s date: 31 1 13 Its the same forward as it is backwards. There’s quite a nice little investigation you can do with numbers: Take any 3 digit number – say 567. Reverse the digits -> 765 and add them together.  Is the answer “interesting”? (In this case “interesting” […]

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Asymmetric Auditory Localization …

A wonky eared Barn Owl

… or why owls have wonky ears! In this post we looked at the symmetry of the human face, and had some fun with editing photos to make them symmetrical, if a little odd looking. Today, we’re going to look at a remarkable piece of evolution that has favoured asymmetry (that’s the absence of symmetry) […]

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Fun With Faces

Symmetry – or more correctly, line symmetry – is where you can flip a shape or image on a line (the line of symmetry, mirror line etc.) and it remains unchanged: both sides of the line of symmetry match exactly. We are used to seeing symmetrical shapes all around us – or shapes that we […]

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… and the answer is …

Presents and Gifts

Back in this post I asked you the question: In the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” how many gifts did my true love give me over the twelve days of Christmas? As the twelve days of Christmas have now been and gone, I’d thought I’d better give you the solution. There are 2 ways […]

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Happy New Year! 2013 is an interesting year: It is the first year since 1987 to be written using 4 different digits It is the first year since 1432 to be written using 4 digits that can be re-arranged into a counting sequence. e.g. 1432 => 1, 2, 3, 4 and our very own 2013 […]

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