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10% Sales Tag - find 10% of an amount

  To find a percentage of any amount, start by finding 10% Finding 10% is easy – just divide the amount by 10 So, to find 10% of 120, all you do is 120 รท 10 = 12 So, 10% of 120 = 12 If we need to find 30% of an amount, we still […]

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BODMAS – one of my favourite topics to teach. 2 + 3 x 4 Does it equal 20 or does it equal 14? We can’t have two answers to one question – that would cause all sorts of confusion! So, back in the day, mathematicians got together and agreed to BODMAS – the order in […]

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The Number 5

Visualising Numbers We all see numbers differently, but I recently stumbled upon a great website for visualising numbers: All non-prime numbers are made up of prime numbers – this is often called prime factorisation, in maths lessons we ask pupils to … “… write [some number] as the product of its prime numbers in […]

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10 11 12

Its the 10th of November 2012. 10/11/12 … and that won’t happen again for another hundred years. Enjoy the day! Related posts: 12 12 12 Palindromic, Prime and Other Dates Percentages 31513

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Angry Owl or Kissing Fish?

Angry Owl or Kissing Fish?

Take two straight lines:   and have them cross:   The opposite angles are equal:     We often show that angles are the same by marking them with a dot, and we always mark angles we’re interested in with an arc inside the angle.   But when we do that, we left with a […]

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