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David Moyes – Flawed genius or just plain unlucky?

Napoleon had his “lucky generals.” When told of the heroism, skill and experience of a General he is reported to have asked: That’s all very well, but is he lucky? Even the most football-phobic can’t help to have heard of the recent sacking from Manchester United of their manager, David Moyes.  Moyes had a torrid […]

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A Marathon Problem

  I once half ran half of a half marathon, and got half way.   So if a half marathon is 13.1 miles how far did I run? And if I took half an hour, how fast did I run? Best of luck to any of you running in tomorrow’s London Marathon. Perhaps you can […]

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If you don’t have much time …

… stop reading now as I don’t want to be responsible for you frittering away anymore of your valuable time. Still reading? OK , good, but be warned, you are liable to loose hours, days, maybe even weeks playing: Its a simple game that you can play either online or as a (free) downloadable app. […]

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